The costs for the initial advice are € 29. These costs cover the advice that can be given based on the information provided by you. It is not possible to declare these costs with your health insurance company.

In response to our advice you might choose to get a second opinion in one of our associated practices. In this case you will receive a refund of the costs made for the initial advice. It is also possible to request a second opinion straight away; in case you have a dental insurance, these costs will be covered.

The declaration code to be used for a second opinion is C011 and covers €119,69 Sometimes it is necessary that additional x-rays are taken or dental study models are constructed to come to a proper advice. The most common declaration codes and rates are:

  • Dental study/stone models (C013) € 33,25*
  • Small x-ray (X10) € 18,26 or € 13,96 for looking at older x-ray
  • Panoramic radiograph (X21) € 79,79 or € 29,26 for looking at older radiograph
  • Multidimensional radiograph (X25) € 226,08
  • Evaluation multidimensional radiograph (X26) € 66,49

* These costs exclude technician costs.


  • Up front advice to choose the right advice
  • No Cure No Pay

Online advice

€ 39,-
  • Quick
  • Accessible
  • Clear report
  • Possibility to stay anonymous

Second opinion

€ 120,- * * excl. Additional research.
  • Personal contact
  • In your area