Below you will find the frequently asked questions. If your question can not be answered through this list please contact us via our contact page.

Who will provide me with the initial advice?

The initial advice will be provided by one of our registered dentists. This dentist is independent and other than your regular dentist.

Can I apply anonymously?

Yes, certainly. If you eventually opt for a second opinion appointment this is obviously impossible. For all online opinions anonymity is possible, but it can also affect the opinion. We ensure your anonymity towards the advising dentist and we will provide you with his / her report.

Is it possible to apply without notifying my dentist?

Yes, this is possible. Please point this out clearly on the application form. It is possible that the name of your dentist or the dental practice is stated on your dental records. Please remove these names from your records before forwarding them to us. It is also possible that we do this for you before we send the records to the dentist who will evaluate your application.

Can the second opinion dentist contact my dentist?

We will not contact your dentist without your permission. If there is uncertainty and we need to contact your dentist for clarification we will always contact you first.

Is it safe to upload my medical records with the application form?

Yes it is safe, we use a secured connection, your data will be encrypted and only we will be able to open your records. We will handle your records with care and never provide it to third parties. We also took the necessary measures to prevent third parties from inadvertently accessing your data.

Will the costs I made through Second opinion tandartsen be covered by my health insurance?

The costs for initial advice will not be covered by your health insurance. If you have dental health insurance the costs for the second opinion will be covered. You will find an overview of the declaration codes on our costs-page. If you are unsure if you have dental health insurance you can always call your health insurance company and ask whether or not the costs will be covered.

Do I need to pay directly after the second opinion?

Yes, after consultation you will be asked to pay directly with cash or pin. You will receive an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance.

I case I am very content will I be able to switch directly to the practice that provided the second opinion?

No, in principle we do not provide such a service. The “KNMT-practice Guidelines Second Opinion” states that a second opinion dentist may not have the intention to have patients switch to the second opinion dentist.

Are there guidelines for performaning a second opinion?

There is a guideline from the KNMT, a professional association for dentists. This guideline advises on how a second opinion consult should be performed. We always follow this guideline.

How do I know if the dentists are certified?

In our reports you will find the registration number of the dentist involved.

I am a dentist myself and I would like to join Second Opinion Dentists.

To do this please fill out the contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible.