How does it work

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    FREE Pre-screening

    Want to know up front if we can help you? Fill out the free form and get answered within 24h. NO CURE NO PAY!

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    Ask your dentist for your dental records

    This is not always necessary, but a wise thing to do. Often we can evaluate the situation better and give a clearer advice when we have all your dental information.

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    Fill out the online form (anonymously) and make the payment

    The costs for the initial advice is € 29. You can also choose to visit one of our associated practices for a second opinion immediately. These costs will be (partly) covered by you dental insurance. It is also possible to make an anonymous request. The dentist who will give the advice will not be able to see any personal information.

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    Receive the initial advice within 2 working days

    You will always receive the initial advice within two working days. We intend to help you as good as possible with our initial advice; nevertheless it is possible that the initial advice entails a request to send us additional information. This is the case when the initially received information was not sufficient to give proper advice.

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    Optionally make an appointment in one of our associated practices

    In addition to our initial advice, you can decide to get a second opinion in one of our associated practices and schedule an appointment there. After this appointment, you will receive a detailed report of the dentist’s findings. You can discuss this report with your own dentist.

Advice and second opinion

If you are considering a second opinion, you can apply on our website. Mostly we give answer to all you questions. If necessary we can decide to proceed for a second opinion appointment in a practice. Second Opinion Dentist makes it possible to arrange this straight away.

Together we will select a practice, which will then contact you to schedule an appointment. We aim for the appointment to take place within two weeks. All our dentists use the guideline for second opinions. This way you can be sure to always receive comprehensive advice on paper.