About second opinion dentists

Are you unsure about the best treatment for your situation or do you wonder whether or not a treatment you received was actually successful or necessary? Sometimes it is wise to request a second opinion from a dentist. With Second Opinion Dentists you can apply for an initial advice easily and without any obligation. After you receive the initial advice it is possible to visit one of our associated practices in your area for further assessment. You can arrange this online through our website. With the opinion and report of our dentists you will have all the right information you need to know

Request an advice or a second opinion quick and easily

Among others we can help you with the following questions and problems

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    • I ‘suddenly’ have gum problems, how is that possible?
    • My dentist advises me to get one or multiple crowns, is that really necessary?
    • I need a root canal treatment but I am not in pain?  Why?
    • After 3 weeks I still suffer from my treatment, is that normal?
    • My tooth needs to be pulled, is that really necessary?
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    • Why is the amount on my invoice so high? Is that correct?
    • The invoice I received does not match the estimated budget for the treatment, how is that possible?
    • I have not been properly informed in advance about a treatment or expected costs.
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    Treatment plans

    • Has my dentist set up the appropriate treatment plan?
    • What are the other options?
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    • Did the dentist do his/her job well? Did I receive proper treatment?
    • The treatment outcome is not what I expected, what should I do?
    • The dentist has damaged my teeth, what to do?